Shulamit Elson

For the past 32 years, Shulamit has pioneered MediSounds™ meditation, a practice based on sacred vocal sounds described in 13th-century literature, which promotes physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being.

This 32-year journey began for her in 1985, during a life-changing meditation. During this meditation she found herself impelled to make a series of unusual vocal sounds.

In the following weeks and months, as she continued to practice these sounds, she became aware of the power residing in the vibrations of the human voice to awaken consciousness, connect to the authentic self, and influence the physical healing process. 

Eventually, Shulamit came across literature written in the 13th century in Andalusia, Spain that explained the power of each of the vocal tones she had been using. From this textual basis and the modern science of Super String theory, she developed MediSounds, her powerful meditative system to address a variety of common human challenges.

To learn more about the textual basis for MediSounds you are invited to use the links below to read her book Kabbalah of Prayer ~ Sacred Sounds and the Soul’s Journey and to view online videos:

Over the years Shulamit has taught MediSounds meditation to individuals from all walks of life. Her students include athletes, politicians, businessmen & women, artists, actors, homemakers, scientists, and seekers of all ages.

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Shulamit has been invited to presented MediSounds in such diverse venues as the Rotunda of the US Capitol Building in Washington DC, Tibet House in New York City, the Sri Aurobindo Healing Center in Pondicherry India, on the Great Wall of China, at the Esalen, and Omega Institutes, and various corporate headquarters.

She was honored to present the “keynote” address for the introduction of the Congressional bill H.R. 808 to create a US cabinet-level Department of Peace.

Before Medisounds became her life’s work, Shulamit spent over 20 years in the corporate world, including as Manager of Training and Development at Sandoz Inc., and Director of Organizational Communications at Hill & Knowlton, as well as President of Conceptual Enterprises, a consulting firm offering solutions for issues related to communication, training and organizational change and development. Her clients included Sandoz Pharmaceuticals, United States Lines, Irving Trust, and Nabisco Brands, as well as Miller Brewing and Ford Motor Company.

Following on her career in organizational management, Shulamit was a partner at an investment bank where she focused on business planning and capital raising for diverse clients.

In addition to writing Kabbalah of Prayer ~ Sacred Sounds and the Soul’s Journey, Shulamit is the author of the poetry book Brooklyn Bodhisattvas, the title poem of which appears in the anthology Broken Lands, published by New York University Press.

She is also the creator of various CDs, including MediSounds the Path to Wholeness, and Beyond Words, Sacred Sounds of the Tree of Life as well as Vibration, a collaboration with eight Tibetan Buddhist monks from the Drepung Gomang Monastery.

Shulamit is also the creator of MediSounds for Sleep, a remarkable app for the iPhone to help people sleep.

Shulamit holds Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in history from New York University.