Shulamit Elson’s

Private Sessions

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“For as the material of the carpenter is wood, of a statuary, bronze; 
so of the art of living, the material is each person’s own life.”  
~ Epictetus, 55 – 135 AD

“If the Mongols could convert to Buddhism then anything is possible.
~ Shulamit Elson



For those who seek personal guidance on specific issues, or those who wish to develop a spiritual practice for personal healing and inner transformation, the MediSounds and Sound Prayer processes bring a sense of clarity and purpose … a felt sense of connection, and a joyful life.

The MediSounds Process focuses on developing simple yet powerful skills that enable you to awaken to your authentic, innately joyous self.



  • Practices that bring heaven to earth through the power of sacred sound and vocalized vibration.

There is great power in the human voice and the specific MediSounds vibrational tones, made with our own voices, connect us to a felt sense of a higher and sustaining reality, a reality of great beauty and calm.



  • Self-Observation

Focused, disciplined, self-observation practices produce a clarity that dissolves self-defeating behaviors and allows compassion and inner wisdom to emerge. Our own everyday thoughts, speech, and action, observed without analysis and judgement, frees us from learned interpretation and instructs us as to our own resonant truth. Gradually we gain self-knowledge we clear our energies of self-limiting preoccupations.

Once we are freed from pursuing other peoples’ dreams and dispense with false smiles, we experience our authentic self, and live from a place of greater freedom and joy.



In-person sessions are available in Shulamit’s studio in High Falls, NY.  Shulamit also meets with her students using video-conferencing, or by telephone.

• Individual sessions

• Creation of personalized MediSounds

• Ongoing long term relationships

Group Sessions are conducted under the auspices of the Great Octave Foundation.

Email directly to inquire about her offerings.



MediSounds Meditation workshops now available in the city of Bath in the UK taught by Shulamit’s student, Richard Royds.

Contact him at: 
or via his mobile: 07975 860 96



“Working with Shulamit has allowed me to connect the dots in the physical and spiritual realms. Just noticing where I get stuck is an important practice and helpful. Her journey on my behalf connected me to the key components of my true self. Integrated, healthy, strong, surrounded by helpers, and full of compassion. I am here to live joyfully through my life’s purpose and am grateful for the time spent with Shulamit.” ~ PS, Ohio

Shulamit, you are truly amazing! My psoriasis is almost completely gone! Thank you.” ~ AL, New York 

“I am a professional musician and spiritual teacher living in Paris. In my work I make use of the sounds of gongs, bells and voice.  I know Shulamit for more than 7 years and have worked with her individually in Paris, in New York and in Israel. I find her work extremely powerful, affecting all levels of the being – the physical, the emotional and the spiritual.  I spent last week on a retreat at Shulamit’s residence in High Falls, NY, for an initiation to become a sound practitioner. Three full days of work with Shulamit, in the exquisite natural setting, were an outstanding experience for me. It was a true gift that will enable me to complement my own work and extend its range – for my own expansion and for the benefit of my fellow travellers on this spiritual journey.” S.L, Paris

“I want to thank you again for the amazing MediSounds healing session. I felt it strongly in the night after the healing. The energies were working on my left front hip and on the left side of my spine on the height of my shoulders. All the pain that I had there for years is gone. Today I used the cross-country trainer and it was so great to have no pain when exercising. It shows my heartbeat and personal index and the heartbeat was reduced by 10 bpm and my personal index increased a lot. I tell you this only because it can be measured objectively. For me the great feeling with no pain is the most important thing, something which I have wished for about 20 years when this developed.” ~ JL

“Shulamit Elson is a down-to-earth teacher with a profound experience of the spiritual path. Her way of working very soon instilled in me a deep feeling of trust. What she offers is no “fast food” kabbalah recipe, but a responsible and emphatic dialogue based on her deep intuitive insights into the spiritual worlds and the psyche of the student. I’m glad to have found a qualified and authentic teacher leading me gently to my true inner Self.”  ~ MF, Switzerland

“Guided by Shulamit Elson and her grounded teachings, MediSounds has become a tangible and powerful organizing pillar of my daily life. Regular practice continues to deepen my connection to myself, to those most important in my life, to humanity, and to God.” ~ David, MD, Maryland